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Jerusalem Channel

Jerusalem Channel

Exploits MinistryBalanced, "meaty" and faith-filled programs from Jerusalem concerning End-Time prophecy, healing, faith and miracles among Muslims. Revivalist and author Christine Darg brings to the programs her wealth of experience of three decades of serving the Lord in Israel, Africa and the Middle East as well as Europe. Christine's Gorpel campaigns and prayer journeys have taken her into some of the most dangerous spots on earth.

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The Parables of the Shut Door

2,823 Просмотров

The Second Coming and Sound Doctrine

2,684 Просмотров

Satan's Superman

3,450 Просмотров

Is There An Age of Miracles for Today?

2,609 Просмотров

Suicide Mission or Salvation?

3,468 Просмотров

Is Womanhood Becoming Extinct?

3,425 Просмотров

Joseph and the Messiah

3,201 Просмотров

Prophetic Wisdom for the End Times

5,459 Просмотров

Help Me Find a Church!

3,945 Просмотров

Time Travel with St. Paul

4,120 Просмотров

Four Reasons Jesus Is Returning Soon

6,306 Просмотров

The Intercessor: Rees Howells

6,251 Просмотров

The Legacy of Smith Wigglesworth

7,035 Просмотров

Is 'Born Again' in the Hebrew Bible?

6,605 Просмотров

The Power of a Prophetic Blessing

4,472 Просмотров

Prophecy Update: Jerusalem's Heavy Stone

6,605 Просмотров

Holy Audacity for the Great Commission

5,559 Просмотров

A Rabbi Prays for the Spirit's Outpouring

8,427 Просмотров

Adversaries Like a Flood

6,740 Просмотров

The Samaritan Survivors

8,161 Просмотров

The Mantras of Deception

8,812 Просмотров

Confronting Difficult Situations

7,483 Просмотров

Carrying on the 'Every Creature Commission'

10,089 Просмотров

Trials of Rejection

6,885 Просмотров

The Secret of Intercession

8,615 Просмотров

God Can Preserve Your Life

9,094 Просмотров

Walking With God as a Lifestyle

9,228 Просмотров

Don't Be Robbed of Your Healing!

10,862 Просмотров

Inheriting the Mantle

8,787 Просмотров

The Second Trial of Jesus: NOT GUILTY!

34,367 Просмотров

The Triumph of Holy Saturday

32,851 Просмотров

Anti-Semitism: It's Crept Back into the Church!

10,479 Просмотров

Secrets of the Passover

66,574 Просмотров

Thorns and Curses

9,484 Просмотров

Страницаиз 5
1 - 35 из 159 видео