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Live Mana Worldwide - Multimedia Broadcast Network

Live Mana Worldwide - Multimedia Broadcast Network

AaronHeimesThe Live Mana Worldwide Multimedia Broadcast Network "Elevating The Voices For The Voiceless" produced by the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation and Joshua T Berglan features a wide range of broadcasts that shock, inspire, uplift and even provide some laughs.

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit whose purpose is to elevate Passion, Purpose, & Mission of the people it serves. Live Mana Worldwide Foundation has its own multimedia broadcast network which streams on TV, Radio, Podcast, Social Media, and Blog Networks worldwide, is home to Live Mana Ministries’s Gratitude:UnFiltered and its youth ministry Voices 4 the Voiceless. Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is proud to be a partner with other non-profits and ministries around the world like Word of God Church, Caring Hearts in Action, Elevation Outreach, and more.

Live Mana Worldwide Foundation’s Multimedia Broadcast Network is distributed on TV in partnership with the e360tv network’s app which can be found on Apple TV, ROKU & Amazon Fire, on all social media platforms, podcast networks, and even published as blogs through various news outlets or conveniently found at https://livemanaworldwide.org/multimedia-broadcast/.

The purpose of the multimedia broadcasting network is to elevate the voices of the voiceless and to provide an outlet for ministries, nonprofits, and the youth to get their messages out to the world without the risk of being censored. When COVID struck the globe, most ministries lost their congregations while non-profits lost their ability to fundraise by normal means putting the future of their organizations in doubt. These organizations broadcast their messages to their congregations and also provide new ways for their mission and purpose to be discovered by new audiences which then allows an opportunity for revenue to be brought in.

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation also utilizes its team of experts in brand development, marketing, tv, film and event production, and vision consulting as a service to teach others how to monetize their messages while preparing them for the new world.

Joshua T Berglan and Jessica Linn founded Live Mana Worldwide Foundation with a global vision and a focus on building community. After witnessing the George Floyd riots first hand in Minneapolis, MN, Joshua, and Jessica became determined to help rebuild and help assist with the healing in their city. Although Live Mana Worldwide Foundation at its core is a media organization, Jessica and Joshua developed Live Mana Ministries to focus on daily community-based outreach providing food, clothing, fellowship and other resources to those in need along with their strategic partners both locally and around the world.

Live Mana Ministries is Church:ReDefined and was founded by Jessica Linn & Joshua to be a voice for the voiceless and to provide a community for those who have been shunned by society, rejected by the church, have been forgotten and left behind. Live Mana Ministries features the shock-jock style of evangelism of Joshua T. Berglan’s Gratitude:UnFiltered that was born out of a month-long meth binge that should have ended his life but instead gave him life by putting a spotlight on his shadow world.

Gratitude:UnFiltered is for those who understand the hell of sex, drug, alcohol, and love addiction, co-dependency, homelessness, HIV, mental illness struggles with sexuality, rage, abuse, and everyone else.. Truly, all are welcome and safe in this community. Voices 4 the Voiceless is the youth program designed to give hope, provide education and opportunity to the youth that battled the same demons Joshua did as a child into his late 30’s.

Live Mana Worldwide Foundation loves to collaborate and partner with other organizations because at their very core, elevating everyone around them is their most important mission. Your support of this organization provides them with the capabilities to expand its mission and further equip those in need.

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