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DavidMaegraithInform. Inspire. Motivate. See the world with fresh eyes. Watch stories of hope and inspiration from news sources around the globe. FAITH NEWS from gna.news the Global News Alliance and partners such as Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse

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The Future of the church in Australia

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The Future of the Church is Hybrid

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2020 a Year of Spiritual Growth

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What do Aussies think of the church?

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65 years of Open Doors

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Barnabas Today Now Live

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Matt Papa talks Sing! Global and next steps

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Anti-Christian Violence in Nigeria

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Open Doors - The Heartbeat of the Church

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Can I Trust The Bible?

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Creating Healthy Homes in Kenya

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Hasn't science disproved God?

11 Просмотров

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1 - 19 из 19 видео