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EvangelTempleEvangel Temple Assembly of God in Jacksonville, FL is a church focused on Reaching, Teaching, and Involving people in the Gospel. Join us as we worship God and server our city, the nation and all around the world.

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Son of God Part 2 with Pastor Garry Wiggins

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Son of God Week 1 with Pastor Garry

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Special 'Go' Edition with Pastor Jordan Wiggins

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Special Guest John Kilpatrick

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Shake It Off | Pastor Garry Wiggins

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Faith Produces Resilience | Pastor Ralph Nana

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Perfect Peace

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Loving People & Honor | Culture Codes

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Culture Codes Worship

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Jubilee | Jonathan Cahn

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There Is More | Pastor Garry Wiggins

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Build Week 1: The Launch with Garry Wiggins

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Double Doors with Pastor Jim Raley

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A Tiny Cloud

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Culture Codes Part 2

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Face of Grace

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Generous Part 4

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You Are More Than A Conquerer

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Generous Part 3

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Eric Gilmour

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Generous Pt 2

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When Storms Come

1,678 Просмотров

Страницаиз 15
1 - 35 из 501 видео