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New on PAX

New on PAX

TheApologeticsGroupSolid teaching on issues ranging from revival to rap music, science to sex. "Christianity is the story of how the rightful King has landed, you might say in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in His great campaign of sabotage” - C.S. Lewis

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Babies Are Murdered Here | #BAMH

7,229 Просмотров

Abortion Matrix (9 of 10) Defeating Jezebel

3,890 Просмотров

Abortion Matrix (8 of 10) Do What Thou Wilt

3,616 Просмотров

Abortion Matrix (3 of 10) The Devil's Mousetrap

2,830 Просмотров

Abortion Matrix (2 of 10) In Biblical Perspective

3,934 Просмотров

Abortion Matrix (1 of 10) Introduction

5,239 Просмотров

Pandora's Box Office (Part 4) Licensed to Kill

2,816 Просмотров

Pandora's Box Office (Part 2) Sex & Seduction

6,731 Просмотров

Is Jesus Really the Way? The Only Way?

3,678 Просмотров

The Great Deluge (Part 1) Raging Waters

9,659 Просмотров

The Great Debate: Predestination vs. Free Will

24,783 Просмотров

The Image of God - w/ David Aikman (1997)

4,871 Просмотров

Evolution: Fact…or Belief?

8,118 Просмотров

Apes or Ancestors? Exploring Human Origins

5,219 Просмотров

The Right to Kill w/ William F. Buckley

3,621 Просмотров

Dangerous Doctrines w/ Justin Peters

11,816 Просмотров

The Silent Scream (w/ Dr. Bernard Nathanson)

2,329 Просмотров

A Matter of Choice

2,555 Просмотров

The Brutal Truth: Tyranny in America

2,814 Просмотров

Страницаиз 3
1 - 35 из 85 видео