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rena7|Czech Republic

It is better of two, when one falls the second picks it up ..

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PRAISE GOD YOU INCLUDE A Slave. Are you the one Who knows our innermost DESIRE our hearts. You know EACH misery. PLEASE do so under all the sick and for yourself. Invoke "Open Skies" |далее

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Hi, my name is Sarah My private video, see http://cutt.us/im21xxx

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Thank you very much.:-)

rena7 написал комментарий к молитве OREMOS POR LO/AS HERMANOS/AS DE UCRANIA. iglesia argentina es de cristo

Amén Amén .. Bendito Ucrania a los ojos de Dios. Ella es la mano protectora de nuestro Dios. Los ángeles extienden sus alas y Ucrania se escondió en la sombra de sus alas. amén

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Yes yes .. God is taking care of your needs. It's good to have a completely trust in God's arms.

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Amen, Amen

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Just so

Hello my beloved blessed. I'm so grateful that you have. After 22 years my husband left me. I was a long time ago. He was unfaithful to me for several years. And I get away with him and she believed. But between now and again vělmi me disgracing you chose a new | далее

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