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Rev.Dr. Ramah M.A.,D.D


This is Rev.Dr Ramah saved by the love of Jesus Christ from sin and the world, inspired to share the love tasted of His sacrificial love that touched my heart to commit my life for His service until death. Therefore, Ongoing Gospel and Social ministry services in hand since 2000

Мои Молитвы

Prayer Bulletin for the month of December:- Greetings to you in the Wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your co-operation towards ministry services here in India. We |далее

Участие в Молитве


Dear beloved  in Christ Jesus!

Warmest Greetings to you in the Trustworthy name of Our Trustworthy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In this connection, I, Rev. M. Rama Rao M.A.,I.T.I., D.B.Th. Founder/President of our respective Organization "NEEDS MINISTRIES AND CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION". Registered No. 491/1994 with the Indian Government according to the Societies Registration Act.1860.

 Do here by take this opportunity as a privilege and Honor for me to introduce our Ministry services to you with pleasure, for which, we were being done the ministry for the last 25 years both on Gospel and Social services aspects.
To this extent, we have conducted some Revival Gospel Meetings in some villages and cities, where some healing and miracles taken place through these meetings, Pastors Conferences, Children Ministry, established 5 congregations in 5 villages, distributed the Holy Bibles, Tracts, pamphlets through Literature Ministry and so far many people were Baptized by Me  from different castes.

So far as our Community development services and Child care ministry for the poor people concerned in the Society, We have undertaken the following Service Oriented Activities for the sake of Orphan Children, Aged poor Widows welfare and well being, HIV/AIDS inflicted and effected people, Free Medical camps at selected villages and also Feeding the Most  neglected living on  road side people, as and when Fire accidents and Floods taken place, we used to participate in the Relief and Rehabilitation activities and Free clothes distribution for the poor people Besides all these, we have Gospel Ministry in hand.

To this extent, we have had perfect and accurate its related photo pictures and video clippings. These photo pictures and video clippings have already been uploaded.

Therefore, In this regard, with pleasure, we do here by heartily inviting you to be seen and gone through our ministry photo pictures and video clippings which have uploaded, to the best of your belief and knowledge. If God inspires you and accordingly, let us know your valuable thoughts, comments and guidelines and also your impressions over it.

And more so, it is our specific request, according to your time convenience and opportunity, please kindly share this much concern with your family, your good friends and with your fellow Church Members. Most obviously, as our Ministry Services are all herculean one, as such please kindly remember for all this in your day to day regular prayers and also that our ministry services have to be carried out in a peaceful and full-fledged manner.
In this regard, I am whole heartedly inviting you and your family to India, Kindly make a visit to India, see all our ministries and bless us.

Thanking you
Yours in His Vine Yard,
Pastor Rao


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Thank you, I have been in the hospital for a few days but wish you HIS support (ongoing !!) Best wishes and blessings

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