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Rozell Adams

eloi55|United States

single christian male that loves the lord.

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Lord I pray that the world come together to began loving each other. Stop all the killing and to work together to help each other. I pray that all my friends come together with a day of |далее

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    A friend came to me in January of 2009 with a christain boardgame, that he stated that God had told him to build.   I had just given my life to the Lord a year before this.  After receiving the game I began to have vision about how the game were to be used.  A company was formed and the journey began.  Kingdom of Eloi is a Christian based corporation located in the heart of San Diego California . The sole purpose of Kingdom of Eloi is to give back to the community in a Godly way.  We follow ten basic rules, to give glory to God, help non-believers to Christ, bring Christians closer to the Lord, help others that are in need, become a leader in the Christian Community, build a solid Christian foundation , have love and compasssion for other,become a brother to others,share the blessings that we have received with others,obey God's word.  Throughout the world there are the basic needs(i.e., food, shelter, clothing, education, medical, etc) of the other that are not being met.  Kingdom of Eloi intends to sell 100,000,000 games worldwide.  A great portion of this revenue will be reinvested back into the community.  Another portion will go to feed and shelter the homeless by establishing restaurants, meeting halls, resorts, retail stores, and entertainment.  The goals that God has sat forth for Kingdom of Eloi is to united Churches throughout the world.  We all are working for one God and the work that is sat forth for all of us is to help others that are in need and spread his word.  Kingdom of Eloi is on a journey to have as many be bless and the teaching of God's words to other.  You will soon see the journey coming you way.  You may contact us at kingdomofeloi@yahoo.com.




















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I try it my way now i openly will try it your way

My  life has been a mass for so many years.  Knowing that the lord was the way, I  try so many things and fail.  I realized that i can not do anything without him.  He is my rock, my everything.  He | далее

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