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How To Access Norton Password Manager Cloud Vault?

Mar 20, 2019

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Norton password manager offers robust protection and management of all passwords in one place. It allows users to store, organize, and access personal data securely. The cloud vault feature provided by Norton is used to store and protect personal information. It is an easy way to securely access all your passwords from anywhere around the world. Earlier it was a part of other Norton products, but now, it is available as a separate feature. You can download and setup it from www Norton com setup easily.


Apart from the passwords, this cloud feature carries your addresses, logins, credit card/debit card details, etc. If you have a local vault attached to Norton Password Manager, you can easily convert it into a cloud vault and remotely access all the information.


If you want to access Norton Password Manager cloud vault on your system, read the instructions given below-

You can access this feature using Norton toolbar or from any device connected to the Internet.

Note: Users need to use their Norton account credentials while accessing their account associated with Norton PM. Moreover, you must remember the password for cloud vault as well. If you can’t remember it, create a new one.


• Visit https://identitysafe.norton.com on your preferred browser.

• Go to sign in page.

• Enter your account credentials linked with the cloud vault.

• Press Enter key.

• Another window appears-‘Open your vault’. In the password section, enter your password.

• Click Open Vault and you are done.


Check out these steps to access Password Manager Cloud vault account using Norton toolbar-


• Open your browser on the desktop screen.

• Go to Norton Toolbar and click Vault Is Closed option.

• Enter your Norton Password Manager account details.

• Type your Norton vault password and tap Open.


Norton cloud vault is a great tool to access sensitive information like passwords anytime and from any part of the world. If you want to open it using Norton Password Manager client on Windows, Android or iOS, seek help from us. Besides this, you can also download other products from www.norton.com/setup Australia site either for free or on subscription.


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