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Nor weld


Purchasing a heavy-duty and high-quality Norweld aluminium ute tray and/or ute canopy have become a common trend for people in search of the superior add-on feature for their 4×4 utility. Our products will not only enhance the security and storage capacity of your vehicle, they also possess a number of accessories and features that are aimed at meeting both the vocational and off-road recreational needs of the vehicle owner. Whether you need a Norweld ute or canopy for securing your tools and equipment, weekends away , for travelling through the harsh Australian outback or you just want a top quality ute tray and canopy to last the life of the vehicle then you need to visit one of Norweld showrooms. We strongly believe we are one of the most competent manufacturing firms when it comes to ute tray and canopy design. We boast vast experience when it comes to installation of ute trays and canopies. We provide the highest level of expertise and service that effectively deals with the whole installation process. We have a range of ute tray, full canopy and half canopy packages available for the following types of 4WD’s, including: Toyota Hilux Ford Ranger Mazda BT50 Isuzu Dmax Toyota Landcruiser Since our establishment, we have continued to satisfy our customers with a powerful standard range of features, as well as some higher value options and accessories. There are a number of things included in a Norweld ute tray and/or canopy, for instance: Unmatched design Through the utilisation of computer-aided design, along with an extensive database of designs we have been able to build utes and canopies that are the perfect fit for our customers’ needs and budgets. Variety of selection We are well aware of the different preferences that our customers have. For that very reason, we have a broad selection of ute tray and ute canopies for our customers to choose from. Whether you are a camping enthusiast or a busy tradesman, you’ll be sure to find your pick at Norweld. Heavy-Duty Materials The material used in making our ute trays and canopies is first class. Considering the fact that our trays and canopies will be exposed to some of the harshest environments on the globe it is vital our materials and our fittings are ultra-strong and durable. It is for this reason we offer a lifetime warranty on the design and workmanship. We stand behind our processes and our products. Additional accessories We are dedicated to not only enhancing your vehicle’s storage capacity but also the security and cleanliness of your tools and equipment. For that reason, we fit our canopies with some amazing standard features like tyre mounts, tradie roof racks, tie down points, fridge drop slides and mounts, rear ladders, dog pods and many more storage compartments. Accessories such as wiring packages, clip on tables, clip on steps, Boat carrying bars, awning mounts and tent mounting system are also available. They have been added to ensure our products meet our customers’ needs. If you need a high-quality and durable ute tray or canopy, then one of our Norweld aluminium ute trays and canopies is the product for you. We are proud to announce we have just opened up our Melbourne showroom. Come down and inspect our quality products. https://www.norweld.com.au/melbourne-aluminium-ute-trays-and-canopies/



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