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What Exactly Are Dedicated Servers?

Aug 27, 2020

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Have you considered adding dedicated servers to your computer network? As always it’s important to know the basics first. This will help to provide the best results, which should always be the top priority so you get the most efficient results from the servers. 

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The key is to know the difference between standard and dedicated units. Both of these machines connect computers and essentially have identical functions. The big difference between the two kinds of servers is traditional ones usually require a host to function. That’s what makes the two different. 


 The ‘dedicated” in the server is a server that is strictly used for a particular Internet site. It’s used to provide all your web needs. So you won’t have to share resources since you get a server for your own networking needs. In other words, other websites can’t access server hosting. This provides lots of benefits related to things like speed and reliability. 

 Another plus is you also have more control of the server’s set up. That includes issues like software options and hardware configuration. These factors are critical to keep in mind when comparing standard and dedicated servers


 So here’s the thing about traditional servers. You can host it from anything with a connection to the Internet. That includes your personal computer. That said, you used your computer to run a server it would bog down your PC/Mac and the server would also shut down every time you turned off the computer. 

 Another possible issue is you’re also more likely to experience unwanted random technical failures. So it’s more practical to use a server that’s dedicated. 

 So if you want a high-efficiency server you should consider the dedicated variety. That’s because you don’t have the share the server with other networks. It’s sort of like living in a house or renting an apartment/condo. When you have your own Intergrid server you can use it any way you want. This provides more flexibility, which is always a good thing. 

 Besides being dedicated, these servers are also flexible. For example, you can use them for different functions like game servers and hosting websites. The key is the server for any function when one machine is needed to store/read files for 2+ computers in a network. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions about Dedicated Server Hosting

 Finally, you or a third party can set up dedicated servers. In most cases, it’s a tough DIY project. This is due to the hardware and software requirements that require lots of know-how.dedicated servers