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Top Features When Buying Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Aug 10, 2020

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Are you ready to ride Mountain Bike 2.0? If so, then you should consider a fat tire mountain bike. This can provide many of the same benefits as a standard mountain bike. The big difference is this one is powered by electricity instead of just pedal power best electric mountain bikes . When picking this kind of bike, here are the features to look for:

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Make sure to look for a price guarantee when shopping for a fat tire mountain bike. This helps to make sure you will definitely get the lowest price possible. It’s one thing for a company to promise it offers the lowest price on the planet. It’s another thing to offer a price guarantee.

You can also look for guarantees that are valid for X days after your purchase. This could be just about any timeframe like 14 days, for example. The main takeaway of this offering is it shows the company is 100% certain it’s offering the lowest possible price. 



You can find e-bikes in different power variants like 500w, 1000w, and so on. So it’s a big plus when you can pick from different products with different outputs.

This can complement the riding style you want. For example, you might prefer just a 500w-powered motor. In that case, you’ll have to paddle harder, but that could be a good thing if you want a better workout.



Make sure to check if a warranty is provided. This can be for different parts like frame, motor, and battery. It’s highly likely that different time periods will be offered for different parts. So make sure to research this issue, so you’ll know how long the different parts are covered.

If a company offers no warranty for different parts, it’s a sign you should probably consider shopping around. Here’s why. It’s reasonable for an e-bike company not to offer a 10-year warranty for all parts. On the other hand, if no warranty is offered, it’s quite another story.

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When picking an e-bike, there’s more to pick than the watts like 1000w, for example. This is just one of the various factors to weight in order to choose wisely. You should also consider other factors like the motor’s volts and other tech specs.

However, in terms of how easy it will be to pedal, you should definitely weigh the watts of a fat tire mountain bike. This can. That’s because this is related to how much power the bike produces instead of whether it has a powerful motor, for example. Both are important, but make sure to check out the wattage AND voltage.