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Some Helpful and Useful Tips for Custom Home Design

Aug 22, 2019

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The planning phase of designing a home often decides whether or not your Custom Home Designs Geelong will complete the dream you had predicted. To stay away from time wasted or chaos follows these important tips that assist your designer make the good looking plan of custom house for your family.


Start with simple process

It is not needed to spend money in fancy software to start making decisions regarding your plan for custom home. All you actually want is a paper piece and pencil. Think and sketch your thoughts. Preparing lists of features you need each and every room to have will assist you get your though onto paper and into your design.




Think carefully regarding the future.

Think about your family’s future and how you will hold for different conditions, like having kids, accommodating grandparents and grandchildren, taking proper care of aged parents. Also accommodating big family for vacations must be measured in the plans of your house. Likewise, in case you hope to change from an office work to running your own business from home, your home design must contain a flexible space or an office. When you think regarding the services in your plan, confirm to not restrict yourself or your family growth. To make a perfect plan you can even take help from Custom Builders Geelong.


Prioritize features.

When your plans are recorded in rough type, start prioritizing features for your new home. Design of custom home can simply exceed a budget in case you allow your fancies run amok. With different luxuries to select from, it is very important to prioritize the crucial aspects of your custom home design. Like, in case you have always planned regarding a box window in the kitchen area where you can produce herbs, you may need to prioritize that over using a line to make possible a gas stove.


Think about Flow and function

As Home Builder Geelong and you start playing around with where different rooms must be located, think how your last design will flow as well as how your family could work in each available space. Like, to decrease noise in sleeping rooms, it's good to put bedrooms away from the common areas. Similarly, if you are the type of family which tends to gather in the kitchen, a plan of open floor with simple flow between the living area, dining area and kitchen will be best. This type of design even permits for best flow between different rooms.


Think about lighting

Lighting has a controlling control on humans. Certainly, in some areas that see some normal light throughout the winter season, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is not strange. This type of disorder brings emotions of depression, with unnecessary weight gain, afternoon sleepiness, lethargy and social withdrawal. In case you have suffered this situation in the past, or if you are shifting to a place with cloudy seasons, it is good to add some skylights to your house plan to maximize the normal light in your home.