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Online learning – Pros and Cons

May 30, 2019

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Online learning has, for some time now, been a popular and effective ways of learning. And as the internet is developing, so too is online learning. The best part is that it has equally grown for both academic, university-type education, and for professional training. However, it does have its drawbacks. Below you can find exactly what makes online learning so great, as well as what its potential flaws might be.


Let’s start with one of the main draws of online learning – comfort. Namely, you can study from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, the work you do usually isn’t time specific. The lectures are either pre-recorded, or simply found online. This means you can do the work from the comfort of your own home. No nasty commutes, bus rides, and wasting money on gas.

Furthermore, this isn’t even that centred on couch potatoes. Some people have great difficulty actually reaching classes. Perhaps they live in an area that is too far away from a university, while at the same time not being able to afford housing in its vicinity. Or, perhaps the individual has a disability that prevents them from physically attending classes.

No social interaction

Some may find this part to be an advantage as well, but even introverts should be see this as a disadvantage. Namely, studying with people is a big part of life. You will be exposed to people from all walks of life, people interested in a variety of things. University and educational courses are for some people the only way they can meet people from regions they never visited. It’s also a great way for introverts to get tout of their comfort zones, whether they want to or not.  

The exception, perhaps, would be people with very development and full social lives they lead on a daily basis, who at the same time have jobs dealing with people. They probably get all the social interaction they need, and then some. Everybody else may get lonely, or simply lose out on some very useful and enjoyable networking.

More control

As we’ve mentioned, most often the lectures are pre-recorded, and the curriculum can be found online in some form or another. This means you can, certain set exam dates notwithstanding, completely control your time. You can study whenever you want, you can listen to lectures when it suits you, and you have a pretty clear and open schedule. This is perfect for people who value their time and like to have as much control over it as they can (or who needed because of work).
 Know that online education providers and universities like Precision Group provide their own manuals and textbooks, like a regular university. These are often optimized for this type of learning.

Fewer options

While the general “establishment” of online learning has grown considerably in the past few years, it still has its issues. Namely, certain esoteric fields of study may only be available at universities. Other times, while you can get help from professors and TA´s, it won’t be comparable to real life interaction with teachers.

Furthermore, certain courses and fields of study simply cannot be taught online. Things like surgery for example, can hardly be taught through an online course. Certain practical elements can’t be handled online through a screen.


Online learning has become a viable source of learning, an accepted system of study. However, it has its disadvantages. On one hand, you have total and complete control of your time. On the other, you simply don’t have as many possibilities as you do through regular schooling. Then again, it’s easier and more time efficient as far as your schedule is concerned. However, it’s a poor replacement for the social benefits you can get from regular education. It’s up to you to decide, to figure out what you really need.