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Is Early Education Right For Your Child?

Aug 15, 2019

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Have you been thinking about your child’s future? Almost every parent will answer this question with yes. Our children are our pride and joy, and most want nothing but the best for them. We provide healthy foods, clothing, and shelter, and hope that when they grow, they are a successful adult. One of the best ways to start their life off right is with a good education. Education can begin long before kindergarten. You may be wondering if you should invest in early education, or if it is best to be a stay at home parent and avoid childcare Cranbourne north. But there are many reasons why you should consider early education at learning centers.


Building Motor Skills

There are two types of motor skills children need to develop, their fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills involve intricate movements and eye-hand coordination. Gross motor skills include balance and things such as walking, jumping, and running. These are the building blocks for kids, and if given enough encouragement can allow them to go far with numerous activities. Early education programs will focus on developing these skills, typically through play-based learning. Allowing your child the freedom to create, move, and build their skills daily will show the most significant improvements overall.



Most parents would argue that kids are horrib le problem-solvers. Think of the many times your child has come to you with questions about how to do something? Did they take the time to work out the problem or instantly give up and come running for answers? At early education centers, problem-solving is something they will also work on. Giving your child the freedom to learn from mistakes and find a solution to the problem is one of the most significant hurdles and even one the most vital skills they will need for the rest of their lives.



If your child is an only child, it can be lonely. Sure, you can do your best as a parent to give them attention, but this doesn’t compare to being around peers. Think about when you get free time. Would you rather hang out with your spouse and friends, or hang out with someone that doesn’t share your same interest? Kids are the exact same way. It is essential to growth that they learn how to communicate with their peers. This can be talking, how they physically interact and making friends. Early learning centres give kids the opportunity to not only learn but also play with other kids, after all having fun while learning is the key to success.