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The Benefits of Planting a Tree on Your Property

Aug 13, 2019

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Plenty of us have trees on our property, or remember trees at our childhood that we’ve climbed, fallen out of, or fallen asleep under. Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, and can add value if you were ever to sell your home in the future. However, trees are more than value and aesthetic. There are many benefits to having trees in your yard, so consider them as you look into planting trees in your yard.


Trees help to clean the air around your home. They absorb pollutants, filter through particulates as they are trapped in the leaves and bark, and they even have a hand in combating climate change. They take the poluttants out of the air and replace it with clear, healthy oxygen - something that benefits more than your family but the environment aroudn your home. They can help keep cool, quality air and help you and your neighbors save water by slowing evaporations - your thirsty lawn will love this.


For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the benefits of having trees on your property are numerous. Trees can also help to conserve energy around your home. When you strategically place around your residential home, you will see a reduction in your cooling costs and how often you need to use your home’s air conditioning system. This, in turn, will reduce the pollutants released into the environment, as previously mentioned. These same trees can also help prevent soil erosion on your property. Whether on hillsides or stream slopes, a tree will help slow runoff and hold soil in place. It keeps the soil healthy and moist. 


Trees do more than improve air quality and help us save the planet from pollutants. Planting fruit trees, or trees with edible flowers, can provide food seasonally for your family. They will attract birds, bees and other wildlife to your yard, and oftentimes this wildlife can help fertilize and promote growth for the fruit given by your home’s trees. Speaking of seasons, most fruit blooms in the spring and summer - trees love to help you mark the season. Green, vibrant leaves in the spring and summer, dotted with fruit, and beautiful, yellow and red in the autumn.

Planting trees on your property, or learning to care for the trees you already, is going to be incredibly beneficial. From planting trees for aesthetic reasons to helping making the air and environment a better, cleaner place, this reiterates that tree lopping and tree care is that much more important in your lawn care routine.