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An Nguyen


TopHostCoupon.com is a personal blog that provides promotional information, discount coupons for Domain Names, Hosting and VPS / Server.

In today's economy, every business needs a website, and every website needs a place to host. Web Hosting is one of the most important parts of running a business website, just like having a building to work is one of the most important parts of owning a store. 

A range of services offer free web hosting commitments, but sometimes they can have unforeseen problems. Although free is often good, when it comes to web hosting, free is sometimes not the best solution. Let's take a closer look at the pitfalls of free web hosting.

Hosting overview

Every website needs a place to host, and hosting a website on your server means that for the site to be accessible you have to take care of your own server. Because this can be expensive and difficult, most people, businesses, and other organizations choose to use a paid web hosting service to host their websie.

There are providers who are even willing to offer free hosting and domain name , but does a free web hosting service really save you money?

Is it really free?

The purpose of any business is to make a profit, and web hosting companies that offer free services must find a way to offset that money in other ways. Many of them offer web hosting as part of a service pack to encourage them to buy another domain name or service.

Others offer free trial hosting and charge after a certain period of time. You can easily save a few bucks if you decide to accept the limitations of free trial hosting like this but it is best to have a long-term orientation when investing in the website and the use of seasonal webhosting like this is not recommended.

Prestige issues

There are thousands of hosting services online and while there are many good free services there are also many that are worthless. Because a lot of hosting is provided by individuals or small groups with limited resources and knowledge (usually new resellers or non-technical people learning to invest), it can be difficult to guarantee translation. service.

Websites hosted on second-class (or third-class) services are prone to data loss, slow speeds, and other issues. You may even encounter this problem with the free service of well-known companies. In the age of the Internet, every company will be forgotten in just a few months if it does not adapt and change with the times.

No matter how well known the company provides the free service, poor management or a few serious mistakes can lead to collapse within a year.


Another possible problem may come from advertising. Many free web hosting make money by inserting ads into your website. This means that you cannot monetize the ads posted to your website. If you count ads as a source of income, free hosting is often inappropriate.

Although you can save initial costs for building a website thanks to free hosting, not being able to earn revenue from advertising will prevent your website from growing. 

Even if you do not need to rely on advertising revenue, your lack of control over which ads will display will greatly affect the user experience, for example, you own a website that sells baby toys. em, but having offensive content ads on the site, will make customers uncomfortable.

Limitations on features

Free web hosting often offers limited services, because they have limited resources. They will usually place a limit on the maximum capacity of the site along with bandwidth and speed limits. 

This can hinder the growth of your website and make it impossible for you to expand or grow. Free hosting also tends to be inflexible, making it more difficult to complete everything you want.

If you're using a free hosting, chances are you won't be able to install the plugins yourself. They may charge you a certain fee if you want to install other plugins.

WordPress is special because it has a lot of built-in plugins to expand its features, so it's a very important part. 

These plugins make work easier and improve productivity. Time is the most valuable thing, don't save a few dollars and you miss your business opportunity.


Finally, the support service, this is very important that many hosting tenants often overlook. Sometimes your website has problems, contacting the support from the hosting provider needs to be immediately. 

Because if you own an online business website just a few minutes is enough for you to suffer heavy losses.

But with free web hosting, you certainly will not be able to get help from them, because this is a free service so using it is you accept the risks you may encounter. The loss of data or the website you disappeared is entirely possible.


If you're on a tight budget, a free hosting service may seem like a great solution, but that includes a lot of hidden costs that you didn't anticipate. 

You can miss out on sources of income, influence your own productivity, face site crashes, or even lose customer jobs because of poor quality.

That is why we always encourage the use of quality hosting services such as HawkHost , in addition to GoDaddy Hosting $1/month + Free domain coupon. It's very cheap and high quality hosting.


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tophostcoupon TopHostCoupon.com is a personal blog that provides promotional information, discount coupons for Domain Names, Hosting and VPS / Server.

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