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Extra Super Vidalista Tablet

Aug 07, 2020

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Extra Super Vidalista is a dual performer that effectively enhances the sexual life of men. Males having the sexual problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) i.e. softer erections or premature ejaculation can rely on extra super Vidalista tablets.


The patients can enjoy satisfactory sexual intercourse for around 4 to 5 hours with extra super Vidalista tablets. Its medicinal composition has 2 active ingredients i.e. Tadalafil and Dapoxetine in 40mg and 60mg strength respectively.


How to take:


extra Super Vidalista tablet  was developed initially by a manufacturer known as Centurion Laboratories with the help of their top-notch scientists.


The composition used in this pill  is Cialis and Tadalafil. This drug keeps a man from getting a premature ejaculation which has been a turn off for men for a very long time. One in every ten men face this problem and  trying to get the clinical help that they need. Also, the second ingredient present in this drug helps men to achieve an erection which sustains long enough to satisfy your partner.


How to work:


One of the component dapoxetine works on boosting the level of serotonin; this is the chemical present inside our brain responsible for making hormones present in our body high so that ejaculation takes its own time to slow down


On the other hand, tadalafil acts over the smooth muscles of penis increasing the flow of blood by inhibiting the action of enzyme PDE5.


According to extra Super Vidalista reviews, a combination of these two helps in longer erection and delayed ejaculation.




Middle-aged men mostly utilize super Vidalista medicine. The minimum recommended dosage is one tablet a day. One needs to consume the tablet about 140 minutes before sexual activity.


Side effect:


Possible Tadalafil Dapoxetine 80mg adverse Side Effects include:


Allergic changes like skin rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue




Diarrhea, Dry mouth


Nausea, Insomnia




Disturbances inattention




Avoid the use of excessive alcohol while using tadalafil.


If you experience any pain while urinating, or erection contacts your doctor immediately.


If you found trouble in vision stop the dose and consult your doctor.


Don’t take tadalafil tablets while taking any medicine including nitrate in it.


If you are using any other medicine, consult with your doctor before using tadalafil.




extra Super Vidalista pill  should be stored in a cool, dry place. The room temperature should be no more than 15-20 degrees. Beware of direct sunlight on the medicine package. Also, do not put the product in the hands of children. If a child swallows at least one Super Vidalista drug , consult a doctor immediately.


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