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Advantages of vacuum freeze drye

Sep 23, 2019

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(1) Freeze-drying is carried out at a low temperature, and thus is particularly suitable for many heat-sensitive substances. Such as protein, microorganisms and the like, will not degenerate or lose biological vitality.

(2) During the lyophilization process, the growth of microorganisms and the action of enzymes cannot be performed. Therefore, the original trait can be maintained.

(3) When drying at low temperature, some volatile components and heat-denatured nutrients in the material are lost little, which is suitable for drying some chemicals, medicines and foods.

Since the drying is carried out in a frozen state, the volume and shape of the product are almost unchanged, and the original structure is maintained, and no concentration phenomenon occurs. The dried material is porous and spongy. After adding water, it dissolves quickly and completely, and almost immediately restores its original character.

(5) Drying under vacuum, the material is in a state of high anoxic state, and the easily oxidized substance is protected.

(6) Drying can exclude more than 95-99% of water, so that the dried product can be stored for a long time under normal temperature without deterioration.

Vacuum freeze dryer application:

(1) freeze-drying of biological products with poor thermal stability, biochemical products, blood products, genetic engineering products, etc.;

(2) in order to maintain the structure and activity of biological tissues, the treatment of biological tissues such as cortex, bone, cornea and heart valve for surgery;

(3) Freeze-drying of coffee, spices, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables to maintain food color, aroma, taste and nutrients, and rapid rehydration;

(4) Application in microcapsule Syringe Mould Manufacturers, drug controlled release materials, etc. Processing of health products such as ginseng, royal jelly, and turtles and Chinese herbal preparations to maintain the invariability of fresh substances;