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Crusher can process hard and difficult materials

Oct 22, 2019

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Sterile bulk drugs are usually Infusion mould Suppliers with the refining process of the product and the sterilizing process as a one-step operation unit in the production process. In the production process of aseptic bulk drugs, all links must be strictly controlled, especially equipment control, in which the use of crushing equipment is more extensive. The author understands that in the process of crushing, the domestic pharmaceutical factory generally uses the * crusher. However, many people hold different opinions about the use of *pulverizers in sterile bulk drugs.

*The pulverizer is a device that uses the high-speed relative motion between the movable sprocket and the fixed sprocket to make the pulverized material get crushed by the combination of tooth impact, friction and material impact. In general, the * crusher can process hard and difficult materials, such as crushing Chinese herbal medicines, rubber, etc., and can also be used as an auxiliary equipment for the pre-processing of micro-grinders and superfine grinders.

In the application of aseptic bulk drugs, some experts pointed out that pharmaceutical companies need to use * pulverizers with caution. As far as the current status of domestically produced pulverizers is concerned, it is generally recommended to use pulverized granulators and airflows in the production of aseptic bulk drugs. Grinders or other equipment that meets the relevant process requirements and GMP specifications, while examining its manufacturing quality and structure. The reason why it is used with caution is that there are two reasons.

On the one hand, the *pulverizer does not coincide with the production process of aseptic bulk drug, that is, in the process of material crushing, it is easy to produce insoluble impurities and metal particle pollution, can not solve the heat sensitivity problem, and it is difficult to ensure thorough and reliable cleaning or reaching. Sterilization requirements.

On the other hand, because the resin infusion connector process usually has more variables than the final sterilization process, such as air cleanliness in the production environment, temperature and humidity, and the operating habits of the workers, it is difficult to produce. The sterilization of sterile raw materials is special, and it is necessary to ensure that it is free of pyrogens. The sterilization process should be reliable and cannot be perfunctory. Therefore, the cleaning and sterilization of the *pulverizer should be taken seriously.