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Мои Молитвы

Psalm 122:5-7 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.” Genesis |далее

Участие в Молитве


The world is divided by gender, race, language, religion etc..,The moment a we are born we are distinguished as male or female.We get our  colour from the parents,it is out of our will and wish.We learned our language from our mother and the religion of them is thrusted up on us.No religion can save humankind ,only Jesus can.Tradition, customes and religion is formed by man not by God .

All these things ties us when we are lowered from heaven.No one asked our opinion or our choice but dropped us in this mess.Everything comes to us without our choosing,some find fault in their life because of this.The thing is that the God wants us to see how we get to the shore from this troubled ocean,earth.Those who succeed they are selected.

In Luke 20:27-38 Jesus says that we will be like angels in heaven. For that glory we have to carry the cross made of  gender,race,language,etc..,we have to accept what is given to us and live happily.In this short span of life lets eradicate gender and racial discrimination from this world and make this earth a heaven.Those who feel everyone equal,though there are differences physically,theirs is the kingdom of God.

Angels have one gender, one colour, one language and one God. To be them lets be them,we are Angels.


Hi, my name is Elaine How we had sex, look http://v.ht/i18ixx

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